The Dumbell Nebula, Messier 27 — by Jovan Kulic

Dumbbell Nebula M27
Dumbbell Nebula M27

The Dumbell Nebula is in the constellation Vulpecula, near Cygnus. Lovely work Jovan for a sight very low down through a lot of atmosphere.

Here is my latest image, The Dumbbell Nebula,  Messier 27. The data was collected over 2 nights a few weeks ago with the nebula just poking its head over my neighbour’s roof.

Ha 6 x 20 minutes.
RGB 5 x 5 minutes each.
The image is approx. 30 x 40 arc minutes.
Williams Optics GTF 81 mm, Focal Ratio F5.9
Losmandy G11 mount
Atik 320e mono camera
Baader Ha 7nm, R, G, B filters